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What is Mango Chat?

Mango Chat is chat control for ASP.NET websites developed on C# that makes integrating Chat support to your website very simple. Mango Chat is excellent for community and social networking websites due to its compact size and high load support.

Is it possible to try Mango Chat before I buy it?

Yes. Simply click here to download an evaluation version of Mango Chat software now. There is no charge. Put Mango Chat to the test in your own specific applications.

What are the limitations of the Evaluation version?

All features work the same as they do in the full version. The evaluation version has a limit of 10 users being able to join a chat session.

Can you install the Mango Chat for me?

Yes we can integrate Mango Chat for you on your website. We will need the code for you website in order to integrate the chat control on the site. Charges for integration start from $100.

How much can I customize the colors, graphics, buttons, etc?

You have total control on the user interface of the chat component. The entire UI is made using jQuery Themes so you can easily modify the themes or add new ones if you like.

Can Mango Chat operate from behind a firewall?

Yes, Mango Chat allows the chat client to communicate with the Chat Server if the clients are behind any firewalls.

What is the recommended configuration for end-users running the Mango Chat?

Please check the Requirements section for complete information.

What are the system requirements for Mango Chat server?

Please check the Requirements section.