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ASP.NET Chat Component

Mango Chat is a full-featured ASP.NET chat component which allows website owners to add
chat functionality to their website. It includes features such as high load support, font/color/
customization, emoticons, and many more! The best thing about mango chat is that its a web
control and is as easy as a simple drag and drop for the website owners.

Source Code license for Mango Chat is now available. Email on to get details.

Mango Chat version 3.1 is now available!
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Top Features

Group Chat - Addon Available

Mango Chat 3.1 comes with a Group Chat Addon. The Addon can be purchased for an additional cost of $99 per license. To order Group Chat Addon go to the pricing page.

Easy to Set Up and Integrate

Mango Chat is very easy to setup and integrate. Chat ships as a web control. All you need to do is Add a reference and then simply drag and drop the component to the Master Page of your site or to any specific page where you want the Chat to be enabled.

High reliability, scalability and high load support.

Mango Chat uses Jquery and Ajax to make sure that minimum bandwidth and server usage is utilized. Mango chat can easily support high volume of users without any degradation in response time.

Compact size.

Mango Chat will not take too much of space on your website screen. The chat component runs in the bottom right hand corner So that the user can easily view the rest of the web page.

Multiple Datastore integration

Multiple options for Data store. Built in support for XML, in memory Or SQL Server. Has custom support to extent any Database provider of your need. You can email us at if you would like us to make a custom provider for your database and our support team can assist you.

Easily Themeable using the jQuery Themes

Mango Chat User Interface is built entirely using jQuery UI. You can easily integrate any jQuery UI theme that you like to customize the look and feel of the chat component.

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